Driving a taxi: The most unusual situations

It is amazing the way strange things happen when driving a taxi, one winter night I received through the radio an address, I had to pick someone up there, when I arrived it was an old lady around 80 years old, I helped her get in the car and she said thank you in a very kind way besides telling me the address I had to take her, we didn’t say any other word during the raid.

I thought it was one of those silent passengers, after a long time we arrived at the destination and I told the old lady how much was the amount to pay, she didn’t move or do anything, so I repeated it without any response, then I decided to get down the taxi and approach to her when I realized she wasn’t breathing.

I was in shock, I felt like I was a murderer, I called the police and explained what happened, they finally took her away, I remember I couldn’t sleep that night.

Another funny story when driving a taxi

You will never know when an unusual situation may happen when you drive a taxi, certain day, I was picking up from the airport two foreign men to be taken to the hotel, when we arrived there while one of them was paying to me the other one was taking the suitcases off the car, at the same time I looked there was a 70-year-old woman waiting for a taxi, as soon as the men finished I quickly offered the taxi to the lady, and she got in indicating me the destination.

Suddenly, when we were on the road, the lady was screaming so loud someone was trying to open the door, she assumed the man was trying to assault her and the taxi driver, so she insisted to go faster, but the traffic jam complicated to do that, by the time we reached the street light, the man was still trying to open the door, when I looked at him again I realized it was one of the men that previously used the serviced, they have forgotten one of the suitcases and they were trying to reach the taxi to recover it. Fortunately, everything ended on good terms.